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12 Best Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill

Two of which are reducing your electricity bill, there are various benefits of saving electricity at home, thus while producing electricity saving you money and reducing carbon emissions generated.

You can enjoy a better lifestyle and lower the harmful environmental effects as a positive outcome. Also, you need to make sure that you have your home inspected with the help of electrician Northern Beaches to ensure that everything is well in working order.

1. Turn off your lights

According to recent research, more than 10% of the average household electricity comes from using their lights. To save power switch off the lights in the rooms of your house you are not currently using.

2. Lower the temperature of your geyser

You can save up to 8% on your electricity bill just by turning the temperature of your geyser down. If you use cold water to wash your dishes instead of hot water it will help you save a bit more on your monthly power consumption. So, have your geyser checked well with the help of Northern beaches electrician.

3. Unplug appliances you don’t use

Did you know that all appliances still draw a small amount of electricity from the power supply when still plugged in? Before you go to sleep unplug your kettle and microwave instead of just switching it off at the plug.

4. Switch off your geyser

This is most probably one of the most effective ways of saving electricity as using your geyser amounts to almost 40% of your electricity bill. A geyser takes about an hour to heat up water that can be used to shower or bath with so leaving your geyser off for 8 hours while you’re asleep or at work will save you a lot of money.

5. Don’t leave your fridge open

Research has proven than more than 6% of the total energy use of your home comes from opening your fridge door. Try not to leave the fridge door open for long periods of times and if you need to pack the groceries for the month in your fridge make sure you pack it nearby to make it easily accessible.

6. Hang up your clothes

Using your tumble dryer on a regular basis can become very costly so when it’s a hot day make use of the heat of the sun and hang your clothes on the washing line to dry.

7. Clean the coils within the air-conditioning unit

Each year it is a good idea to get your central heating, cleaned and checked. This is because the coils within a central air-conditioning unit, through which the air flows, can get clogged due to the collection of dust and other impurities present in the air. As a result, the unit does not work in a proper manner and the motors within the unit need to work much harder.

Due to the restricted airflow, the complete unit works much harder thereby consuming a lot of time. You will notice a visible difference in the effectiveness of the machine and the electricity bill, by cleaning the unit with the help of a professional from emergency electricians of Northern Beaches.

8. Block the cold air

Near the doors and the windows permit a lot of air to enter as well as in the other parts of the house. To both sides of the door at the bottom as a fast and easy solution to prevent the cold air from entering, affix a neat door boot that can be fixed. Use some caulk to close the cracks, if there are cracks between the window frame and the house.

9. Change old windows

Reinstate them with the latest insulated windows to make a significant difference, in case your windows are quite old. They offer more comfort and major savings in energy, though you will have to spend more initially.

10. Hot Water Heater

This is the biggest power guzzler. By lowering the temperature of the hot water, you not only save power but also enjoy the water that is hot enough. To change the heater’s temperature, switch off the power supply to it. Then remove the detachable panels attached to the side of the heater. Below them, you will notice a dial, which can be turned by using a screwdriver to change the temperature of the water heater.

Set both the dials to the same setting, ideally to 10°.  See if it has affected you in any way while you use the heater. Till you come to the temperature that is just right for your requirements repeat the process. To save energy, you can add more insulation to the heater.

11. Switch off

If you are not using it, switch off any electrical equipment. You will observe a difference in your usage, even if you do so for a short time. While protecting your equipment, add a power strip and surge protector on the appliances can be powered off to avoid power drain if not being used.

12. Get rid of old equipment

It has higher electric consumption is what the older equipment means. So try switching it to a highly efficient model and also taking the advice from electrical contractors of Northern Beaches instead of rectifying it if any of your equipment malfunctions.


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