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Common Marketing Mistakes in your Startup You Need to Avoid

Every entrepreneur dreams of his startup to make a million-dollar company but only a few reach the destination. Why?

Because they are consistent in showing up, they work smartly and they don’t miss to market their startups. As the competition is huge now, so you can’t gain the grains if you don’t show the world that you exist.

Through marketing, you don’t only tell that you exist, but you also show that you have an active presence on the Internet and you care about your customers. When you start implementing the marketing funnel to build your startup, you have to care about several factors. If you go carefree, you’ll hurt the results and won’t go beyond expectations.

Therefore, you should market your startup but while you market, you have to avoid these common mistakes.

  1. No Marketing at All

It’s good that you invest in your product and office setup but it will be no good if you don’t market your startup. If you don’t want to spend the cost on marketing, you can start from the basics like availing social media platforms and forums. You have to start somewhere. If you don’t do it at all, you’ll skip the main audience of your business. So, you should invest your time in marketing your startup from the early stages.

  1. Investing a lot in Marketing

You’re so confident about your product that you invested a large chunk of money in hiring the marketing team, Google Adwords and in advertising your startup. This can cost you in the long run. Take an example, you’ve just launched your startup and you try to be everywhere with your product but your marketing doesn’t turn up in your favor and you end up reining the cost. As a result, your startup will suffer.

When you’re small, you should focus on making your customers satisfied with your product and every marketing tactic you choose should be well-researched and drive results.

  1. Not Knowing your Audience

Marketing without knowing your target audience brings no results or if it does, then the results will be of no favor. For example, you run a web design agency New York, and you target audience from the different regions. Do you think your efforts will be worth the results? You’ll get the results when you target the audience in your local region. So, it’s a must to know your audience, without them you won’t get the desired results.

  1. Expecting Results Soon

Good things take time, startups must know this. You should be patient when you apply the marketing tactics and shouldn’t expect results immediately.  It will take time to glean out better ROI. Plus you need to study your audience behavior and that will take time so the better plan is to start aligning your marketing strategies and wait for the time to get results. If you create panic and rush for the results, you may end up with nothing.

  1. Not Considering your Customer Feedback 

Think that you create an app for your customers but it doesn’t click them. And they write negative feedback in the review section. Now, when you don’t consider their reviews, you can’t make your app better. It will remain limited and won’t glean your profit for your business.

Similarly, in your startup customer’s feedback is important. If you don’t consider it, it will gain you no good. A good tip is that when you’re done with working for your customers, email them and ask to drop feedback for your business. If you get positive reviews, you can market it to multiply the success of your business.

Final Words

If you want to make your startup big, you have to work on the marketing strategies from the start. Marketing gains a competitive edge over your competitors as the competition has turned giant today.

Whatever strategies you apply to your startup, make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes mentioned above. It will keep you above the fold of your success.

I hope you find this a useful read.


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