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Dental Treatment Services: Discussing Options for Tooth Straightening

Tooth Straightening is one of the best dental treatment services that help in making your teeth properly aligned and attractive. Let’s know about the latest option available for this treatment.

When we talk about Dental Treatment Services we consider the list of best options that make your teeth healthy, bright and attractive. Tooth Straightening plays a vital role in making your teeth lovely and straight. Let’s discuss here some of the best options available for the proper teeth alignment.

Traditional Braces

Traditional are the metal braces that can solve many orthodontic problems and are in some cases, covered by dental insurance. These traditional braces make use of metal brackets, elastic bands and wire to move the teeth into their right places. Whereas metal braces sometimes arrive with a negative implication, they have changed with the years and are still a choice due to the wellness they solve orthodontic problems.

Lingual Braces

These braces are also similar to the traditional braces, but the brackets allied to the backs of the teeth rather than at the front. These are observably less-visible than the traditional braces, however not all orthodontists provide them.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are same as the traditional braces, but they use a sliding device which holds the wire, rather than the elastic bands. Self-ligating, Traditional, and lingual braces are all lastingly on the teeth (until they are taken away by the professional), thus there is no way of taking them out too long, or overlooking to put them back on as there might be by the clear aligners.

Clear Aligners, Including SureSmile and Invisalign

Invisalign perfectly straightens your teeth through a custom-made series of clear aligners which purposely fit your teeth as well as your treatment plan. The advanced Invisalign trays are built from smooth and comfortable plastic which fit over your teeth. With the time, they steadily move your teeth into place as per a plan from your professional orthodontist & latest mapping technology of Invisalign.

SureSmile is a latest and advanced orthodontic procedure that makes use of 3D modeling of your mouth. Such 3D models facilitate our orthodontists to make out the right tooth position for every patient, which gives a precise bite adjustment as well as takes a lesser amount of time than the traditional braces.

The Positives & Negetives of Tooth Straightening Aligners

Do you need the tooth straightening alignment? There are many things to keep in mind when concluding to your decision, and depending on the problems you’re facing, your professional orthodontist may be competent to guide you to the perfect choice. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of tooth straightening aligners:


  • Clear aligners are not perceptible to most people that actually happens in the traditional and metal braces
  • They are easily removable, thus you can take them out prior to eating or drinking
  • They are generally less-irritating for the gums and cheeks
  • The procedure times are generally shorter than those other traditional braces; between around 6 to 18 months for aligners vs. 18 to 36 months for the traditional braces (dependent on the procedure you need).


  • You will need to brush your teeth all time when you take out the trays
  • They don’t solve out as many tooth problems as the traditional braces can.
  • You need to keep them on for a particular amount of time each day with the aim to stay on path with your treatment plan.
  • While the aligners don’t need “adjustments”, you would get new trays in every few weeks to assist your teeth to move. Such fittings may entail a visit to your professional orthodontist.

FAQs that you can Ask Your Orthodontist Regarding Tooth Straightening Aligners

In case you visit your professional orthodontist for a consultation, he or she will likely walk you through your issues, a treatment plan, and respond all of your queries. But, following are some of the questions you might desire to ask if that professional doesn’t answer them first:

1. Will straightening aligners work for my specific issue(s)? If not, what other options are available?
A: Aligners for teeth Straightening don’t solve more complex orthodontic problems, therefore depending on your precise needs, they might not be a choice.

2. What is the finest way to take a good care of my teeth at the time of the treatment?
A: Aligners are taken away before eating, hwoever they do need regular oral care as well as specific care of the trays to make your teeth cleaned and healthy throughout the Dental treatment.

3. How frequently I will need to visit the office at the time of my treatment plan?
A: Since these are not the traditional braces which need the adjustment, you willl likely be having regular office visits to find out the progress of your treatment plan & ensure all of the new alignment trays fit appropriately.

4. Are the aligners of teeth straightning painful?
A: While a lot of patients say straightening aligners aren’t as hurting as the traditional braces, you are still moving your teeth, thus you may practice a sort of discomfort.

5. How much will be the cost of orthodontic treatment? Will any of those be covered by the insurance?
A: As per your specific plan, your professional dental expert will be able to figure out the cost, and might grant a payment plan. They can all the time check with your insurance to check if any of the procedure will be covered.

6. How long will my treatment plan take?
A: Your orthodontist will be able to outline a specific timeline for your treatment plan.

7. Can I look at some before and after pictures?
A: If you can see the pictures, you can have a better idea of what kind of results you can get. There might be supplementary computer visualizations to watch, too.

8. Will I require to wear a retainer once I finish the treatment?
A: Once all of the work you put in at the time of the treatment, you will need to ensure that your teeth stay straight everlastingly! Your expert orthodontist will be competent to outline options as well as recommendations for the retainer.

At the Flemington Family Dental, we use 3D imaging technology to distinguish as well as diagnose any potential dental issues and problems. These advanced images also facilitate us to share the right scan with our beloved patient so they can perfectly understand their dental health.

Flemington Family Dental provides the latest n invisible as well as computer-driven orthodontic And Dental Treatment Services, such as self-ligating brackets, Invisalign.


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