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Hire The Best Loyalty Cards Printing Services In Australia

Plastic Cards are created of several layers of plastic laminated together. The main process is commonly made from a plastic resin known as polyvinyl chloride acetate (PVCA). This resin is one of the mixed with opacifying materials, dyes, and plasticizers to give it the proper appearance and consistency.

Loyalty Cards Printing is considered to be the best card printing service. They are very well equipped to assist you with your plastic card needs. It is including  Loyalty Cards, Gift cards, Membership cards, Photo ID cards, Referral cards, VIP cards, discount cards, Smart cards, Keytag cards, Combo cards, Custom Shaped cards, your play Player cards, Plastic card printers or plastic cards accessories like Lanyards, Cardholders, and Card reels. Loyalty Cards Printing will provide you with an exceptional level of service and guaranteed.

Plastic cards

  • Many peoples are liking plastic cards and they feel good, look good, and in most cases contain a value (perceived or otherwise) to the cardholder. Personalized plastic cards are a great way to promote your brand, and entice repeat business.
  • Loyalty Cards Printing team is always keen to work with you and offer suggestions and ideas of ways to get the most value from your plastic card project.
  • Cards Printing services are always ready to help.  The standard size of a plastic card is 85.7mm x 54mm and 762 microns (0.030) thick which is the size and thickness of a credit card. They can produce plastic cards using thinner or thicker stock if required and to custom shapes and sizes.

Plastic Card Printers

Cards Printing offers great value for money and it is used around the world. These printers are one of the best market leaders and the preferred choice for organizations concerned about card quality, durability, security, and value. They use the very same printers day in and day out. So, they know how well they work. This is perfect for staff photo ID cards or issuing a personalized loyalty card on the spot.

Personalized Plastic Cards

Such services are specialized in card personalization. CardSprint can personalize your customer or member cards, including a number, barcode, name, and/or encoded magnetic stripe.  They can apply the personalization to the entire batch of cards.  After manufacture is an ongoing basis when new customers or members join the program for daily, weekly, and monthly on receipt of a data file from you.

  • Numbers:Personalizing a card gives it a greater perceived value.  It is including a customer or member numbers on a card and it is a great way to easily identify the cardholder.
  • Barcodes:CardSprint can produce barcodes to any symbology.
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding:  CardSprint can add a magnetic stripe to your card during the manufacturing process, and encode the magnetic stripe during the personalization process.
  • Smart Cards Encoding: CardSprint can encode your contact or contactless Smart Cards to your requirements. There are many different chips available and many variables within the chip itself.
  • Hole Punching: CardSprint can punch around or slot hole in your cards at the time of manufacture if they are to be attached to a lanyard, wrist cord, or strap/clip.  This process is very general for photo id cards and event cards.

Types of Plastic cards


Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are one of the best ways to reward your clients for repeat patronage. It can be used as the tool to easily access the customer’s records each time they visit you simply by scanning the barcode or magnetic stripe on the card when they visit.

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the best ways to introduce new customers to your business. Your existing customers will act as salespeople for your business by purchasing the Gift Cards to give to friends and family on special occasions.

Membership cards

This printing services make your members feel special and valued by issuing them with a membership card that proudly displays your membership club name and logo.

Photo ID cards

Photo ID cards are a great way to ensure your staff is easily identified by your customers, and at the same time, advertise your brand. You can even incorporate a barcode or magnetic stripe on the card and you can be used to log into your POS system or payroll system.

Referral cards

This will print your referral card to your exact requirements such as full color, PMS colors, numbering, printing names on the card, barcoding, and magnetic stripe encoding.

VIP cards

VIP cards are a great way to reward your customers for repeat patronage. They can be used as a show and save the type of discount card, or they can be set up with a number and barcode/magnetic stripe.

Discount cards

Discount cards make customers feel valued. If you do not currently have an electronic system to run your discount program and this stand-alone loyalty program, CardSprint Loyalty.

Smart cards

Smart cards are becoming increasingly popular. It is one of the traditional plastic cards and the embedded chip enables data to be securely written as well as read. This updated information becomes available to other readers, without the terminals being directly networked.

Keytag cards

These cards are one of the best ways to ensure your customers always and it has their member number with them when they visit you.

Combo cards

Combo cards are one of the supplied as a credit card size with a key tag/s attached that can be easily snapped off and put onto a keyring. This is the best way to ensure your customer always has their member number with them when they visit.

Custom shapes

Custom Cards Printing are a very durable and secure form of event tickets. They are generally larger than credit card size cards and can be printed to your requirements so that event staff can easily identify patrons who are eligible to enter an event.

CardSprint services always strive to exceed the expectations of their customers. Plastic Loyalty Cards Printing exceptional service, a high-quality product, understanding the needs of their customers, and a team of people. They are dedicated to being the best service. Whilst CardSprint has grown considerably since 2001, it started as a small, home-based operation, and although they now operate from a commercial property. They have maintained a small business attitude ensuring their customers receive the best possible service


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