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How celebrities utilise social media to their advantage?

There are 500 million daily active users on Instagram. This number is huge, and it is growing daily with all the young people getting on board all around the world. It’s a great platform to connect with people, spread your message, share memories and even potentially develop into an Instagram influencer if your branding and content are great. A lot of individuals use Instagram to gain a sense of social approval, to feel a sense of belonging and also increase their image and popularity. But, if that is the case then what are celebrities doing on social media? Do they need to feel approved by the society? Or maybe, it’s to do with marketing and business profits? We all see the famous singers, actors, authors and athletes on social media posting their new content, selfies and promoting products. We see them in the photos, but are they really the ones posting all the content in between running marathons or filming sets? I doubt it.

Whereas your role models may post an occasional selfie, there are likely to be whole teams managing their accounts. No surprise with the level of activity and the need to maintain a certain image. If you get a few messages after posting a selfie with all of your 1000 followers, can you imagine the spam on your account after you post a picture if you have more than one million followers? That must be pretty crazy and overwhelming. Never mind the abuse streaming into those celebrities’ accounts coming from human jealousy and ignorance. I can’t even imagine the level of pressure to be portrayed in a certain way, the uncertainty whether your words will be mis-interpreted and the duty to serve other people.

Naturally, those huge accounts are much more of a responsibility, and take a lot of work to manage effectively. They also need to be careful to only post content that matches with what they are trying to achieve as a singer, athlete or actor. It is important for them to be accurate, consistent and of great value to their fans. In the next few paragraphs I will let you on the secrets on how celebrities utilise social media to their own advantage.

Connecting with current fan base

Celebrities often use social media to create a connection with their fans and potential fans. They do this through various ways for example this can be done through being vulnerable, sharing a picture with no make-up or talking about a certain struggle they are going through. This allows fans to relate with the celebrity and see them for the person they are rather than their status, vulnerability is the most powerful way you can use to connect with others on a deeper level. Another way to connect with your audience is to directly engage with their content, and can be done in the form of commenting on a single picture, liking their posts or watching their stories. This is especially powerful if an account has millions of followers as it creates a sense of scarcity and thus makes the personal connection in the form of a like or comment more powerful.

Growing their audience

Instagram is also great for growing one’s fan base or audience and there are various ways celebrities can do this. One way is tagging other celebrities in pictures and that way mutually increase each others’ status through association with others of higher class. Instagram adverts are also a great way to promote new movies, songs or businesses a celebrity may be taking part in, this is a quick and costly way of doing this. Another way is to buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes in order to grow one’s account. Quick and easy solution.


Who doesn’t like promoting their work to millions of people? Because of the fan base created through acting, sports or music, celebrities have the power to promote their coming work, create a sense of urgency and create a group of customers before products or work is actually done.

Sharing message

Another way celebrities can utilise their account is to share the messages they believe in, promote their mission and stand for movements they believe in. This is extremely powerful, and can lead to real and lasting change in the world. Celebrities also have more credibility to raise funds for charities in large sums of money. You’ll often see them promoting organizations like Unicef etc.

Profits through partnerships

There are countless opportunities for huge accounts to partner with small and big businesses. Celebrities can pretty effortlessly become Instagram influencers because of the trust they have built with their audience. They already have a real fan base and therefore are more likely to influence their audience’s decisions and sell products. Through partnering with brands they believe it they not only make-profit on the sales, but also are able to help a brand grow itself and make sure their fans have access to fantastic products. Win win situation if you ask me.


Celebrities also need to maintain a certain identity and ensure all their content whether that being text, pictures, advertisements or videos match what they are representing. That way they show consistency to their audience and give them what they want and expect. Having a personal and brand identity makes them unique and draws even more people to them naturally.

This should have given you some insights into the world of celebrity social media. If you are an aspiring celebrity yourself then you now know how to leverage the power of social media to grow and spread your message.


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