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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15222

QuickBooks is a very advanced accounting tool that performs payroll and tax-related activities among other bookkeeping functions. If you are a business owner, QuickBooks is specifically for you, QuickBooks is the best accounting software and QuickBooks has many innovative features that can help you in business smoothly. With all its features, you and your accountant can easily track all your financial data (keep records, manage the profits and losses of your business, track expenses, manage inventory or stocks, keep track of time, e.t.c).

Around the world, businessmen use accounting software such as QuickBooks every day to perform financial functions. But sometimes users face technical issues, which can hamper your work. QuickBooks payroll update error 15222 is one such error. This is a payroll service-related error that should be resolved as soon as possible. Facing this error, it can be terminated when you are downloading payroll or QuickBooks updates.

What is Error 15222 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks error code 15222 is not related to any antivirus software. This type of error may prevent you from completing your work on time, which can lead to difficulties. In this blog, we will discuss this particular problem, namely, QuickBooks error 15222, in detail – its causes and the best way to get rid of this problem in your system.

This is nothing but a common error encountered while updating something in the QuickBooks application. You can also contact our QuickBooks customer support to resolve issues related to your QuickBooks.

Cause of QuickBooks Error 15222

It is very necessary to understand the true nature of the 15222 error. When you download the payroll or QuickBooks desktop patch, you are getting 15222 error, which is only through anti-adware, anti-spyware. Antivirals, they see the QuickBooks desktop patch as a threat.

Although the error is not traditionally associated with antivirus software, it may be associated with antispyware, and so it may be that the Internet Explorer utility to register digital signatures no longer works. doing. In addition, it may be that your initial browser is not placed on Internet Explorer.

There are some different reasons for QuickBooks Error 15222-

  • Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser
  • Internet Explorer function failure to register digital signature
  • The download is interrupted by antispyware, anti-adware, anti-malware or any other virus protection. This happens because the protection software sees the QuickBooks update as a threat
  • Internet connectivity problem

Steps for fix QuickBook Error 15222

Three simple steps for resolve QuickBooks Error 15222

 Step 1: Install Digital Signatures Certificate

  • At first, shut down the QuickBooks Software
  • Search for Windows QBW32.exe file that is saved in the C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
  • Click on the QBW32.exe file and choose properties
  • Click on the Digital Signature tab and ensure that Intuit Inc. is selected in the list 
  • Select Details
  • In the Digital Signatures details, Click View Certificate 
  • In the Certificate Windows, click Install Certificate
  • Click Next until the finish is displayed
  • Then click Finish 
  • Restart the computer and then open QuickBooks again
  • Now download the update again    

Step 2: Update Antispyware, Antimalware in your Computer 

You are required to update antispyware, antimalware, anti-adware software in order to make some expectations 

  1. QuickBooks.com, Intuit.com, Payroll.com
  2. QBW32.exe and qbupdate.exe

Step 3: Verify your Internet Connection Settings

  •  Make Internet Explorer as your default browser

Note: Microsoft officially launched a new browser named as EDGE for Windows 10. It’s not supported by QuickBooks.

  • Verify your Computer Date and Time is correct 
  • Check you cipher strength 

Note- If the cipher strength is lower than 128 encryption it means internet explorer is damaged.

  • Now Update Settings by selecting tools and internet options.

The methods described above will solve your QuickBooks Error 15222. All methods are extremely easy and do not take much effort or technical knowledge to solve the problem. If your Quickbooks error does not resolve in the manner described above, or you need any other type of help with QuickBooks, you can always contact our QuickBooks Support team. We will try our best to solve the problem. They offer their services around the world and are available to help you at any time of the day.

Hopefully, With the following steps, you will be able to solve QuickBooks Error 15222 as soon as possible.


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