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Ifeel Institute : Importance And Career Scopes Of PGDM in Finance

Every industry, irrespective of its size, needs a good financial manager. In this age of industrialization, the demand for people with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the financial market is high. The increasing demand has widened the career scope of PGDM in finance.

The duration of PGDM in finance varies, depending upon the institution. The PGDM course offered by colleges like iFeel Lonavala lasts for 2 years, the eligibility of which is graduation in any course with a minimum aggregate of 50 percent from a recognized university.

A master’s degree or diploma in the specialization of finance will open career options in various fields. Some of the best career options you can pursue upon completion of PGDM in Finance are as follows:


As a financial analyst, you will be required to have an in-depth understanding of the current market trends and study the factors that can enable your organization to make smart investments. Financial analysts also give advice to businesses on investments, stocks and other concerned areas. Hence, you will need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of investing resources.


Financial institutions and banks hire financial advisors to offer advice to their clientele. The role of financial advisors includes giving advice to the clients on insurance, investments, mortgage and helping them strategize their short and long term goals.


The role of equity analysts differs from organization to organization. However, it is one of the most sought-after jobs by the fresh PGDM in Finance graduates, academy experts at iFeel review. An equity analyst has to oversee the organization’s financial information and give necessary advice to the managers on investments and stocks. As an equity analyst, your role may also include studying the market trends and identifying the investments that have the potential of yielding good profits.


Investment bankers have a varied role. Their chief role is centered upon giving advice to the organization, financial institutions or even government entities when they need to raise capital. They should be well acquainted with the financial health of the company and suggest necessary strategies to improve productivity.

Besides these, there are a plethora of other career opportunities after pursuing PGDM in Finance including portfolio managers, credit managers, finance managers and bankers. Graduates in PGDM in Finance with an enhanced skillset in financial management will serve as an invaluable asset to any company.

Meera Kashyap is an Indian journalist and active news executive at the guest post factory. She is an executive editor of all the news and content team leader.


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