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Important Things about Power Cables that You Didn’t Know

To run any electrical system or appliance, you need a power cable and a power source. While a list of power cable manufacturer is available online, you can explore their different products ranges at online and offline store. Every specific cable has its unique properties and characteristics that make it fit for usage. Some of you might know major and minor details of power cables, and those who don’t will get to know with this post. Here we got some important facts known to manufacturers of power cables and wires only or the person who is working in wires and cable industry.

1.      Sometimes aluminum works better as conductor than copper

There are chances that you have learnt that copper is a better conductor than aluminum every time. It’s not true. Whenever you compare copper and aluminum on the basis of conductivity, you need to consider various other factors as well.

One of the lesser known facts is that conductivity of cable wires is not just a function of the resistivity measure but it’s a unique combination of the cable size and the insulation material that is used. So, this means when higher voltages have to be used by long distances, it is advisable to use aluminum cables instead of copper ones.

2.      Current capacity of cable relies on distinct factors and unstable

You may find people talking about the possibility of their power cable capacity that remains stable all the time. What if we would tell that this is a common misunderstanding about power electrical cables that people have?

The factsheet says that the power cable capacity changes every time and doesn’t remain stable for lifetime. The changes are made in the cable capacity by some factors like air temperature or prevailing ground.

3.      New electric cables have longer lifespan than expected

New power cables do last long as per the expectations of the people- we don’t know how much this statement is true, but we can give reasons that may clear this misconception.

There are several power cable manufacturers and so there are chances that the power cable you install may wear after time. Another thing is that there are multiple ranges of power cables available in the market. Each cable is intended with its unique capacity, durability, usage, and other characteristics. So, if you say all new power cables have same longer lifespan, you are wrong!

If the installation is poorly done, no power cable can deliver performance for longer time.

4.      Your cables cannot be protected against moisture with Armor

You should understand that the armor is not designed to protect power cable from moisture. So, if you are exposing your cable to water because you think that the armor will protect it against water, then don’t! This exposing may lead to destruction of your power cable armor.

One of the important facts about cables is that you must always pick flawless and zero-fault cables from power cable manufacturer to skip any accident. This is something that matters and no manufacturer will ensure safety if you choose a faulty wire cable for your project. 


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