Home Food Italian or Chinese, Food Is Love!

Italian or Chinese, Food Is Love!

Cooking and baking aside keep your kitchen counter and spice jars neat and tidy as well.

Having a feast at home is, cooking, finishing, furnishing, decorating, and preparing altogether. And pack up as well. Here are some tricks to make your work a little easier

Set the menu:

The menu should be as per your budget and comfort to prepare in time, second priority should be given to likes and dislikes of arriving guests, and then try to adjust your family likes as well. You can have variety of cosine ad per trend and tradition, Italian pasta, mushroom ravioli or French Ratatouille, and American Lasagna is easy to make and good to serve, roasted pork belly with baked potato in milk and sweet can be Swiss rolls and hot lava cake, cookies and pastries can be as per event, like Christmas or Halloween arriving. When the food is cooked by mom with love, it’s all loved.

Get your arrangements done:

Arrange your home for sitting and chatting. Clean all the surroundings, make your home tidy, and sitting areas look neat and fresh. Clean the vases and decorate them with new flowers.

Set napkins and curtains and arrange rugs and mattresses for the sitting. Check the ice bucket for the drinks.

Add more water into the dispenser and secure it with lid. Make sure every glass and dinnerware to be used is in full set. Coffee mugs for the after dinner.

Start the cooking:

Make your dessert before anything, either cold or hot type, it needs time to set, baking a cake or any fruit dessert will do justice if baked earlier. Then as per your menu just start preparations for the starters. Set them aside, you will have to cook it before the arrival time to serve hot and fresh at once.

For the main course, cooking two or three dishes for 15 or more guests is not a good idea, try baking instead, you can have lasagna for a good American style cooking, and a dish from Chinese cuisine can be added as well.

Set up the table:

Take out your favorite dinnerware, or you can use your newly bought glass dinnerware. These utensils will enhance the beauty of your perfectly set arrangements and decorations. Normally dinnerware of ceramics is used, but glass dinnerware suppliers all over the world provide the best quality, transparent, shiny clear utensils, and dinner table items, which includes plates of all kinds, serving trays, glass for the vine, champagne, etc. Bowl for sauces and soups, rice plates, and curry plates can also easily be at your doorstep.

Make sure to set your table with all the necessary items beforehand.

Get ready for the welcome:

Check all again, and then go to get a bath and get dressed, properly groomed with soft makeup and elegant jewelry to go by. Pour the cologne and style yourself with a fresh warm welcoming smile. Now get your kids and husband ready, dress them up and make them ready for the feast.

It’s time to greet everyone:

Give your guests a warm welcome and provide them comfort. Taking their coats and hats to hang on the stand is a good gesture. You can offer drinks and pour them into your homemade beverage. Let your family and guests get to mingle, and meanwhile, you assemble the starter dish in the kitchen, it’s all ready to serve just need a quick hand to assemble and serve.

Serving guests is a big responsibility, especially for a person all alone at home. It can be really tough, but moms are real superheroes as they are good at multi-tasking.

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