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Nail Polish and Nail Art – Trend Of New Age

The new nail polish and nail art trend has created a buzz among women, and today, everyone like to try various nail art design. Some people get it done from leading salons, while many love to do it at home.  Nails enamels are quite popular these days. Take a look at gel enamels and cute DIY nail art

Get Attractively Painted Nails Using Gel Nail Enamels

Since nature evolved itself through past centuries, it is observed that men are becoming more and more assertive to acquire the maximum prosperity among their fellows while women are focusing on becoming more beautiful in comparison to their fellows. This so-called competition is an outcome of awareness of the beauty, and the ways to enhance the natural features or increasing the attractiveness.

Among all the beauty trends, the fashion of painting nails is quite old since 1800, the practice of painting nails is being recorded in the historical literature, but at that time, the practice of painting nails is done to differentiate the social prestige of individuals, and they used to recognize by their nail colors. Since then, the conduct was made to be common, and natural dyes were used for this purpose. Meanwhile, we have many companies that are preparing beautiful nail polishes for us that are available in beautiful and handy bottles with cap-mounted brushes, and the core reason for applying these gel nail polishes is to beautify the fingers and toes.

Ladies of this era count nail polish as their basic beauty product just like they find mascara and lipsticks. Since there is a great pool of companies under the label of the beauty industry who are selling their unique and amazing stuff to their customers and client that private label gel nail polish manufacturers are doing great business in this domain. They are focusing on selling gel nail polishes to the nail salons or the general public as well within reasonable prices so that getting cute and attractive nail arts remains easier for every nail art fan. Ladies select their nail polish colors in accordance with the respective weathers, for instance, in summers and springs, we get to see bright and light colors more while the winters favor dark colored and matt nail polishes.

Get Cute DIY Nail Art

Attractive looking bright colored dress, elegant jewels, light make-up, beautifully done hairdo, and nice shoes give a perfectly pretty look to a girl while attending a summer or spring party, but it gets completed since she put up on complementary cute nail art on her hands and toes. The nails are considered among the main features that have great importance in defining a style or fashion sense of a girl because of a nicely trimmed, cleaned, and polished nail would definitely make hands appear beautiful, and if the situation is opposite, the beauty of the entire look could fade away.

The DIY nail art could be done by decorating nails with a bright or light or dark nail polish color and stickers or beads or tiny stones for a cute party or a girl’s day out in bright summer or beautiful spring evening. On the other side, a reddish or maroon shade decorated with linear or geometric shapes would be fine for a winter party, correspondingly the shades of orange with black leafy designs are the ideal autumn nail art ideas.

The gel nail polish manufacturer provides its customers and clients a great variety of nail polishes categorized based on the colors of their gel nail enamels and the type of nail polish. Matt glittered and simple textures are the three basic types that are demanded by customers and clients mostly as these types are being liked by the ladies for a long time since now.

Nail art adds up a complementary look to the overall appearance with respect to the theme of the dress code, some dresses require a simple color coat while some party outfits go well with glittery coats over an opaque colored coating. However, in the themed parties of summer and springs getting along a cute little bright colored dress with creative floral nail art would do more than good to the overall appearance in general.

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