Home Business Reach Any Clog with a 100 ft Sewer Snake from Duracable

Reach Any Clog with a 100 ft Sewer Snake from Duracable

Drain cleaning professionals rely on their drain snakes to bust through clogs and clear main lines. These flexible cables twist their way through drains, removing the old practice of having to dig up or disassemble lines in order to physically reach clogs. Sadly, not all cables are created equal. If you need a reliable cable to serve your business, you need to buy from a trusted manufacturer. Whether you need a 35-foot residential drain snake or a massive 100 ft Sewer Snake for breaking up a tree root, Duracable has the supplies you need.

Duracable Manufacturing has been providing plumbers and drain cleaning entrepreneurs with quality supplies since 1981. They are a US-based company specializing in drain cleaning machines and heavy-duty drain cables. After over 30 years of working with small business owners across the country, Duracable knows exactly what drain cleaning businesses big and small need to get the job done.

Every product Duracable produces is rigorously tested during every stage of the manufacturing process. If you need a 100 ft sewer snake for your business, you can rest assured that your Duracable snake has an unrivaled 30-day warranty. They offer this warranty because their manufacturing process is meant to ensure that every cable is made to the highest standards.

Before being turned into drain cable, every batch of wire is tested at Duracable’s manufacturing facility. If a batch of wire fails the stress testing, it never becomes one of their quality cables. Once a batch of wire is ready, it is spun into a hollow cored cable or it can be made with a rigged nylon core for extra clog busting power.

If your business also needs a new drain cleaner machine, Duracable has the best machines on the market. With nine different models, it’s easy to find the perfect machine to meet your needs. If you need a small machine for residential drains like sinks, showers, or toilets or a massive upright machine for tackling sewer lines, Duracable has an amazing option for you.

Every one of their machines includes a footswitch and features Duracable’s easily swappable contained cable drums. These drums not only help to contain any splatter from your cables, but they can easily be swapped to change cable length and thickness in moments or lighten the machine for transport. No matter which model you choose, Duracable offers a 2 to 3-year warranty on the frames and motors of their machines. They also offer financing options for businesses working on a budget that need a new machine now.

If the business ends of your cables need a little extra clog breaking power, Duracable also has plenty of cable end accessories. With over 100 pre-sharpened spring steel blades and grease cutters, you can always find the perfect blades for every job. They also offer a range of camera surveying tools and drain care products to help find clogs and ensure that they do not reoccur.

So if you’re business needs new plumbing and drain cleaning supplies, turn to Duracable for the best US-made products. Having an equipment supplier that understands and cares about your business can make all the difference and the experts at Duracable are happy to help you find the perfect supplies based on the types of jobs you specialize in. Give the team at Duracable a call today at 515-512-9817 and find out what Duracable Manufacturing can do for you.

For more information about Drain Cleaning Machine and Digital Inspection Equipment Please visit : Duracable Manufacturing.


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