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Steps to start-up your novel writing like a pro

If you are a beginner and wants to write your first novel then you must know three basic rules of novel writing which incorporates “there is no easy way to do it”, “there is no basic structure that has to be followed”, “and There is no perfect time to begin”. After understanding these points the next thing that you should be doing is planning a routine that would involve your passion of writing into it as well. Here, you should keep in mind that passion for writing and willingness to get your task done are the most important features of proficiently written book or novel.

Getting help from the professionals is another thing, it implements if you want a book for your bran or the company where you do not know much about the subject then ghost book writers are hired to compose contents for your respective subjects. Coming back to the topic of discussion which is novel writing it should be kept in mind that getting it done requires a systematically designed schedule where missing up the deadlines would cause great loss to the writer and the novel as well. To complete a novel with great success you first need to start it with clear vision and keep continuing it with energetic pace. However, there are certain steps and tactics that will help you in managing your novel writing and getting desired result like a pro, which includes:

Decide deadline and develop a plot: before starting a book or a novel you should decide a deadline that should be met. After this, creating a plot to present your ideas in the textual from would be great as it will provide you a look of your storyline and you actually can keep an eye over the entire context while deciding other things of your novel.

Introduce your characters: your all the characters must be defined well just after building your plot as adding any new character would cause great disturbance and you do not afford it because it will be demotivating.

Start writing first and edit later: after finalizing your plot, characters and the deadline, the next step you are onto is the actual writing. Over this step, you do not waste your time over any other task but write only. After writing the whole story then you go on to editing it. Never edit and write at the same time, it will only waste your valuable efforts and time.

Build some speed: this step requires upgrading in your pace as you have started to write and edit, the next thing you need to do is to speed up your activity because by this time you have full hold over your work and you can manage with an increased speed.

Collect information from surroundings: collecting information to add up details, features or content to your book is always a good idea and by observing your surroundings which includes people, places and things you can easily extract your relevant informations.

Treat yourself with breaks: while doing all these steps you must get tired at times. In such situations treating yourself with some breaks won’t harm your action plan. However, it will boost up your energy level and you will get a fresh start every time taking a break.

Keep going: the best thing a writer could do while writing a book is “keep going on” as it may get boring at times and sometimes it might turn out to be a captivating task that has taken all of your mind, energy and time but here you just need to keep the flow flowing.

Revise your novel: once you are done with your writing and editing the next step of proceeding will be a quick revision of your content.

Finalize it, and get published: after writing and editing your novel, the last two step encompasses its finalization and publication. If you are reached to these steps then congratulations! You are a novel writer now and holds a position in the world of writing.

Novel writing may looks and indeed is a complicated task where the writers are supposed to be consistent, careful and full of vocabulary as well as idea most of the times but if it get done through a proper channel then it is an interesting activity. The above mentioned tactics and steps will lead you to a beneficial outcome where keeping the pace with managing the quality of your write-ups will not get harmed throughout the routine.


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