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Things to Consider Before Getting Android Application form Development Company

The world of software is always developing. In the recent 5 years alone, things have transformed radically in this space.

In the last decades, there were so specific ways that applications had to be created (such as Objective-C & Java). There were not so many choices available to choose from. But nowadays, you have a lot of options. There are components, templates, frameworks, hybrid applications—lots to consider. Now the question arises how can you find out what’s right for you?

Before you initiate any new android development from Development Company, there are some factors that should be taken under consideration. This is especially essential for people who don’t have certain experience in the field of app development, and perhaps more important for anybody who has had a bad development experience in the past.

Things to Consider:

  1.  Platforms to Support

This is the primary thing you need to understand from the beginning. What platforms would your application be available on? apparently, you’ll desire to put the main emphasis on Android & iOS, as these are the two most leading.

Each OS has smartphones & tablets. Android iPad and tablets are not exactly the same. This information will give you a distinct dynamic of how you develop your app as the specs as well as the dynamics of every device is different. For instance, devices having larger screens may not have as various limitations like a smaller mobile phone.

  1. Mobile App Development Team

What team would you want to develop your application? Most individuals don’t recognize that they require more team members than they first anticipated. This is one of the reasons for software development being expensive.

As we discussed before, we are needed to develop an app for both Android and iOS. These applications will be coded in two distinct languages. Thus you’ll need an Android developer and an iOS developer.

apart from the two platform-specific developers, you would also require a professional full-stack web developer. You’ll also have the requirement of a designer on your team to ensure that everything looks good.

Your team of app development needs a QA person too. Their responsibility is to ensure that the software is correctly tested. They operate testing on multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems. Whether it’s the app functionality itself or the backend infrastructure, the QA needs to cover all of your bases.

Last but not least, your team requires a project manager. If you are eligible then you can do this yourself or choose someone else. The project manager make sure that the team is doing best in their deadlines, supervises the complete project, and holds everybody accountable.

  1.  Infrastructure

You will need to think about where your application is being hosted. We have already recognized the fact that a person of your team requires to create this infrastructure. But, they’re possibly not going to do it on certain servers inside your office; unless, obviously, you’re still living back in the 1990s. All you need to do is partner up by a hosting service that can host your application as well as its infrastructure.

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Reliability

These are the 3 very important components to seek when looking for the right hosting service to fulfill the requirements of your app.

  1. Existing Services

This is associated with my last point. Why would you make servers inside your office if you can simply use a presently available service to host your application? It makes no sense.

This is not the single thing you can take on. There are a lot of other existing services that are presently out there. Make use of those to your benefit when you’re developing an app.

For instance, there are previously cloud servers out there which you can incorporate with. There are push notification servers, analytical servers, authentication servers, & more—all of them already exist. You can only integrate them with your desired app.

Thus, before you go out in order to try to develop these services & solutions from scratch, ensure that you shop around to observe if there is a service that previously exists. This will surely save your time and money; it’s pretty much easier than actually reinventing the wheel.

So, these were top things to consider before making your mind to get Application form Development Company. Softqube is the pioneer app development company always ready to serve with the best and advanced solutions. contact us now and get all your queries resolved.

Meera Kashyap is an Indian journalist and active news executive at the guest post factory. She is an executive editor of all the news and content team leader.


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