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Why Magento website is a go-to platform for small businesses

When you own a small business the first thing that usually comes to mind when you’re talking about ways to expand your company is attracting new clients, but the clients you currently have are the best bet to improve the profits. Bringing customers who are currently buying from you to buy more is faster and more cost-effective than attracting new clients and persuading them to buy from you. All of this can be achieved through a powerpack ecommerce platform that can help you all of these seamlessly.

Let’s take a look at a few ways your current business website is giving you signs that it is time to explore new ecommerce platforms like Magento.

Points which small businesses consider for looking at alternative platforms.

  1. Website Speed Web traffic is the business store’s lifeblood but it can be troublesome as well. Traffic spikes will slow your pages down, turn off clients, and hamper progress. And that is especially true for cell phones. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to launch, 53 percent of users would leave a web app.

The final say in this is if your traffic is going up but your website is suffering on the page speed then it is time for you to make your business consult with your magento development service team. 

  1. Publishing Content : Content marketing is high on the agenda above everything. 87% of customers score product quality very high when they decide to buy. And 67% agree it is critical that marketers change quality automatically based on their current context. When you have persistent problems putting new material on the web and delivering it to the right audience, then Magento website can get your content marketing in order.
  2. Your Platform doesn’t connect with your marketplacesRetailers are developing modern, tailored marketplaces. And an increasing number of businesses are merging retail and online shopping. If you can’t link new marketplaces to your current website, you’ll face challenging new problems in inventory management and fulfillment. A Magento website will help you scale multiple marketplaces into one centralized place.
  1. Views are up, but conversions are down Mobile commerce now accounts for 58.9 percent of the worldwide physical retail revenue. Any of the businesses see an explosion of internet traffic. Except the traffic is not always turning into conversions. Which also means the website isn’t sensitive enough. then you’re ready for the Magento website which supports several responsive themes as well as Innovative Web Apps.

How Magento websites are leveraging access


Cloud hosting reduces the risks of managing, monitoring and hosting yourself an eCommerce solution, thereby reducing the overall ownership costs. A monthly membership payment provides you with a service that you should prepare for. And when you choose to add additional features, our Platform provides thousands of inexpensive extensions.


Magento Commerce is a constantly flexible framework that grows for you as the traffic on your web rises as you expand into various shops, products, networks or product configurations. You can also benefit from built-in regional assistance, and you can transact in several countries with ease.


Magento sets the benchmark for secure strategies, which is respected by the fastest-growing eCommerce retailer base in the world. Magento gives you the stability that you need to trustfully run your B2B or B2C business.

The Verdict

The feel, the fuel, the fire. This is what Krish TechnoLabs accelerator is all about. This brings in velocity to your business in just 4 weeks. A comprehensive and pocket-friendly Magento 2 activation kit, aimed at making sure that your brand starts transacting online within 4 weeks from go-ahead. It is ideal for mid-large sized merchants, brand owners, and distributors who are looking forward to accelerating their commerce sales on multiple channels and geographies. In order to find out more about how to activate your Magento website in just 4 weeks! Consult with one of our experts today.

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